Eleanor C. Whitney

I’m a writer, editor, community builder, and content strategist living in Brooklyn, New York. Through writing, speaking, and leading workshops I create space for people to reflect on their own experiences and inspire them to realize an empowered vision for their lives and ideas.

I write non-fiction essays and stories that fuse my lived experience with critical thought and feminist cultural analysis. I wrote my first book Grow, a practical field guide for starting a creative business, because I believe that when people are able to actualize their creative goals our culture as a whole becomes more robust and sustainable. I will publish my second book, Riot Woman, a collection of feminist essays, in early 2020 with Microcosm Publishing.

I currently serve as the Managing Editor for All Hands, a publication about life at work from Managed by Q.

I have over a decade of experience working with creative, visionary companies to create impactful, high-quality content and build robust, authentic communities. Whether designing public programming thousands of visitors at the Brooklyn Museum, leading business planning workshops for artists and creatives across the United States with the New York Foundation for the Arts, or launching and growing a global ambassador program for 3D printing startup Shapeways, I bring a sense of passion, grit, critical analysis, and empathy to my work.  

I possess a strong sense of equity, a belief in the power of community, and feel that questioning the established ways of doing business is crucial to our personal and cultural health. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies and a Masters in Public Administration.

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