Eleanor C. Whitney

Editorial & Content Strategy


I work with visionary companies to grow their audience, articulate their brand vision and values, and increase engagement by creating impactful, high-quality content and build robust, authentic communities.

Eleanor is a great collaborator—she moves fast, does great work and has created a community and network of top performers to make it all happen seamlessly.
— Vanessa Shaw, Founder, The Human Side of Tech

All hands

All Hands, a publication about life at work, was created to position Managed by Q as a thought leader envisioning the future of work, and as an ally to workplace culture builders and operations teams in creating and maintaining great places to work. As the Managing Editor and Art Director I built the magazine’s content, launch, and audience development strategy from scratch. I manage freelance writers and photographers and publish articles bi-weekly about building workplace culture, efficiency, and the future of work and the workspace.


Dev Bootcamp webiste redesign

As the creator of the original, immersive coding bootcamp, Dev Bootcamp needed to more effectively tell the story of the diverse student experience and demonstrate their value propositions to potential employers of their graduates. I was responsible for the production of a new website and brand messaging overhaul that would distinguish Dev Bootcamp in the increasingly competitive bootcamp landscape, recruit highly-motivated students from around the world, and show employers how Dev Bootcamp graduates would bring talent and innovation to their companies. I managed the design process with an external agency and internal stakeholders, wrote and edited all site copy, gathered testimonials and bios from students, staff, and employers, and ensured content was SEO optimized, and managed project timeline and scope.


Brooklyn Indie Guide App

Commissioned to curate and write a guide to Brooklyn as part of a series of international, alternative travel guide apps. The guide needed to deliver a memorable cultural experience that highlighted my perspective as a writer and musician living in Brooklyn. I researched and wrote about fifty 50 under-the-radar, local, underground destinations including restaurants, shops, cultural destinations, and nightlife that were not featured in traditional guidebooks and which provided an entry point for exploring the borough’s diverse neighborhoods.

Eleanor brings a valuable and sharp creative vision to her writing and editorial strategy work. She has enhanced the way we communicate about the Indie Guides series through our marketing channels and strengthened our community.
— Anne Le Gal, Co-Founder, Indie Guides


ArtsFwd, a project of arts management consultancy EmcArts, was created to inspire dialogue and original writing about innovation and sustainability in the arts. I developed high quality content that focused on my interest in arts policy and the creative economy and reinforced the organization’s mission of systematizing innovation and adaptive change in the arts and culture field. To dynamically showcase the organization’s Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund supported project, I wrote "Innovation Stories" about organizations that received support from the foundation and EmcArts to record and demonstrate the community impact of their work.

Rubin museum of art

I led the Rubin Museum’s educational content strategy to effectively engage visitors in learning about complex Himalayan art. With a team of curators, editors, designers, and developers I produced stunning gallery didactics and interactive educational materials for gallery and online exhibitions. My projects included an overhauled of the interactive tour program to modernize audio/visual tour technologies, the scripting and recording of new audio tours and podcasts, and a complete reinstallation of the museum’s permanent collection, which resulted in a 25% increase in use of tours. Tours and gallery-based educational materials are still in use and received wide accolades from visitors and critics alike.


artist books & zines

Informed by the punk, Riot Grrrl, do-it-yourself, and artist book movements, I’ve self-published zines and artists books since 1997, including a personal zine Indulgence, which is still in production. They explore the discoveries, questions, and tensions raised by different locations, identities and experiences. Each project reflects a commitment to carefully constructed, creative presentation that incorporates hand binding, letterpress and silkscreen printing, and innovative book forms. My work is included in museums and rare book collections, including the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum Library and Archive, the Pratt Institute, Smith College, Trinity College, and the University of Iowa.