Riot Woman with Nicole J. Georges

In this episode I catch up with Nicole J. Georges, a writer, illustrator, podcaster, and professor, among many other things. She is the author of the award winning graphic novels Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home and Calling Dr. Laura. She also is a professor at California College for the Arts and is the host of the podcast Sagittarian Matters.

Nicole and I first met in the early 2000s when we both lived in Portland, Oregon, where we helped organize the Portland Zine Symposium. For our conversation we are joined by producer and Instagram influencer Ponyo Georges, a delightful Chomerianian, and discuss rock camp for girls, grunge as a gateway to punk, being part of a subculture in a small town, becoming intentional about what we do for fun and what we do for money, how getting paid for your art is a class issue, zines and intersectional feminism, and healing from punk damage.

Follow Nicole on Instagram at @nicolejgeorges and support her Patreon. Featuring the song “Half Lie” by Taleen Kali. Riot Woman artwork and logo by Aurora Lady. Listen and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Eleanor Whitney