Riot Woman with Corinna Rosella of Rise Up! Good Witch

Corinna Rosella of Rise Up! Good Witch is a writer, zine maker, anthropologist, herbal magic maker, tarot reader, and the host of the Rise Up! Good Witch podcast who hails from Northern California and is currently based in Joshua Tree.

Corinna and I met in Portland, Oregon in 2000, where we moved from rural areas on opposite sides of the country when we were at the end of our teens. We were drawn to the opportunity to take part in radical activism, punk feminism, and live on the cheap—trust me, it was a different time in Portland back then!

We were part of a very dysfunctional radical feminist art collective and it taught us both a lot about how feminists and radicals can hurt as much as support each other. Since then we’ve grown as both people and as feminists since that time and having this conversation was a powerful reminder about the possibility of healing and forgiveness.

On this podcast we discuss how Corinna found Riot Grrrl and zines at the advent of the internet while the punk community in her home town was actively unsafe due to misogyny, racism, and abuse, and how she later discovered plant medicine while living in a Portland punk house.

We also explore how her intersectional understanding of feminism expanded and evolved and how it informs her practice of witchcraft. We also discuss the ongoing challenge of understanding a concept intellectually and activism applying it to your life, the necessity of mitigating the harm of privilege as white people and how to embrace that journey, resisting cultural appropriation and working to decolonize witch craft and plant medicine, and critiquing life under capitalism while building a sustainable business.

Corinna is a powerful witch, writer, and healer and I loved being able to discuss all of this with her! You can find Corinna on Instagram at @riseupgoodwitch, support her and access her awesome monthly zines on Patreon, and visit her website and witch shop for her herbal tinctures and other magical products. For more wisdom on decolonizing magic practices and insight into all things witchy, check out her Rise Up! Good Witch podcast.

This episode features the song “Half Lie” by Taleen Kali. Riot Woman artwork and logo by Aurora Lady. Listen and subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Eleanor Whitney